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The Four Minds …Manas, Buddhi, Ahankar & Chitta-Mind, Intellect, Ego & Intuition

The affirmation of a divine life upon Earth in the immortal sense and in a moral existence can have no base unless we recognize the spirit and the soul, which inhabits the vehicle or bodily vessel, which is the robe of physical matter. First we must accept that our robe or garment is merely the outer shell, which over time will disintegrate, but the inner spirit’s light that is within our soul will never disintegrate as the light, which holds the soul is infinite. But it is not enough just to recognize the outer garment one that we can perceive with our eyes, it is vital to recognize the inner light as without it the outer garment would not exist, both must be recognized as two parts of one whole.

Matter is the configuration of the mind, which the spirit needs to transcend itself, so it may experience many of the realms and dimensions of its creator. The physical universe is part of the external body of the divine consciousness of the creators light, so therefore we must accept the two forms of consciousness, spirit and matter, the outer and the inner, it is like two halves of the brain one representing logic, of the left side and the other representing the creativity and intuition of the right side.

The person who is more a materialist has an easier road as it is possible for these people to deny the spirit within and arrive at a more simple explanation that everything is matter and when matter disintegrates there is nothing more. But with this form of rigidity it would be impossible for them to persist with it on a permanent basis because once the spirit leaves the mortal body of matter the only thing of recognition will be the self illusion of what they have denied and at this point they will see and understand how the spirit that is the main part of them and the soul which has carried all the memories of its life carries them on to the next stage of their journey into a higher sphere of consciousness.

So by refusing to accept the divine light within their bodies of matter when on earth, they will also have problems adjusting to their astral or subtle bodies when the soul leaves its mortal robe. It is the mind of the self/ego which creates this duality an illusion which incorporates the five senses of matter it is the all most important factor of their being, but unknown to these people the spirit carries the self and all it has created and it is within the immortality of the spirit that the soul shows its memories of what the self has created once it leaves its mortal body.

So therefore in these duality of contradictions the human mind cannot balance or have the satisfaction of inner peace in which to reach a reconciliation of both mind and spirit or matter and soul. This duality must traverse the degrees, which the inner consciousness imposes upon us. It must bring together both the self/ego and the soul/spirit and unify the two as one. Only on complete union can all the multiform of all energies of consciousness come into existence and become harmonized to the manifold of human existence. It is the conflicting forces of duality which govern out thoughts and our desires and puts us in the wilderness of our true reality and it is only these conflicting thoughts that we are able to find the central truths of our existence which are here to symbolize the paths that have been chosen for us and us to fulfill them

As human consciousness evolves, a new and comprehensive affirmation within the thought form of individual consciousness will become more prominent. This will unite both the inner and outer experiences to the fore of the individual being able to experience both. This will bring more self-fulfillment in an integral human existence so each individual may experience part of the map of its destiny that the soul carries within it. In time maybe the whole human race might evolve to experience both sides of the coin as one whole. But at present most people only see one side of the coin, they have forgotten to flip the coin over and see that there is a different picture on the other side.

For those who have developed their inner extra sensory powers of intuition, one may understand the unknowable behind all the manifestations which can extend itself to the knowledge of universal creation and the many realms and worlds which exist within such vast spaces of the meta-universe. There in the many universes are knowable realities well beyond the five senses of human perception, it is only through the development of the 6th sense and beyond that we can touch and understand about these higher realities and dimensions.

It is the outer shell the logic of the material reality of which humans exists in that these higher creations can’t be seen as the self/ego has put to many veils that hide the light so they constantly live within their own creation of reality and sometimes within their own darkness. All the various forms of materiality that our world on planet earth passes through from way back down the ages are constructed through the form of matter and the materialistic mind. But these come from a higher form of consciousness where the higher consciousness of the mind shifts itself and transcends itself to the lower mind that imposes itself on the individual. This can be in any form where action needs to take place such as ideas or any of the five senses which occur in what we perceive as reality.

In human life we all make errors due to duality of the human nature and its own consciousness, but by using the self’s desires we make far more errors than we should and create in ourselves only half truths which seems to make us stumble even more. This is due to the limitations of the self/ego by not letting go of old beliefs, old structures in our habits and it is through these habits and half truths that logic creates more illusions which in their turn creates more disguises. The self uses many disguises making the person think that it is the proper path to follow. The self/ego does not want to let go of the hold it has on the human thought form or its mind, or its desires, so it holds a promise that you are creating the right situations in your life but unknown to the person, only the soul/spirit has the right map which you should follow. The mind of the self tempts us like holding a carrot in front of a donkey leading the way no matter how many obstacles it leads to instead of allowing the inner mind to lead you around the obstacles and not over them.

To exist in duality of the physical and to understand the inner spirit we must use both the inner mind and the outer mind in which all things pass through. Universal consciousness is the borderline of truth and understanding and to reach that border we must let go of trusting the self and begin to surrender our wishes and desires and tune in to our inner mind and listen. The more we try to attain reality through our systems of values using the physical, material, the intellect and the religious dogma of our culture the further away we move from understanding the true forms of creation and its creator.

This is because the five senses cannot explain it, it cannot deem itself tangible and this escapes the grasp of the true thoughts of the inner consciousness within us, but by believing only in the values mentioned the human perception loses its grasp on a higher reality, this then becomes unattainable and what is thought unattainable is thought by most not worth having.

There is knowledge that can’t be found through intellect or logic, but only in the higher realms where creation begins, there is knowledge with many forms of creation, but even to have a glimpse of such knowledge one must by pass the lure of the materialist formula, because the material of matter or the formula of the materialist gain is only a by product of its original creation.

To those who want to gain insight of the higher knowledge or what is known as the unknowable must repress the ignorance of their perception and look beyond the five-sense reality and the limitations of material existence. All higher knowledge that is part of us to some degree is within the soul/spirit of our being. It carries the power of universal knowledge the higher intelligence of universal source. Knowledge by whatever path it is followed tends to become one but with many variations, science now confirms that in the domain of matter there is some form of intelligence that passes between the atoms and cells in our body relaying information to each other. But what scientists don’t realize is that the whole body in a network of information relaying information to each other, this energy matrix comes from the blueprint of the ethereal/subtle body.

All forms of creation within the cosmos comes from one huge gigantic consciousness split into various other consciousness in the various shapes and patterns of their energy formation, it is the vibrations and oscillations of the atoms that dance that make these patterns of energy consciousness and it is through these various forms of consciousness that carry their own thought form of intelligence which is linked to the whole structure of the universal mind that began creation in its entire universal form.

Science one day will find that all forms of consciousness will be evident and will be in all essential matter it is something that is existent to the senses and is only a conceptual form of etheric substances. It is only an arbitrary distinction in thought that divides form and substance from all forms of energy consciousness.

All matter expresses itself eventually, as it is a formation of some unknown force that is seen as life. This unfathomed mystery begins to reveal itself as an obscure energy of sensibility imprisoned into material formation and it is only when the dividing force of ethereal substances comes between the mind of rationality and the mind of the unknown consciousness that it gives the human sense of duality. It is the gulf between the universal mind, life and matter that creates a three way unified force and until this is realized only then, can this triple form of consciousness be united as one whole and not be seen in its three way separateness.

The energy that creates the world can be nothing else than pure collective universal consciousness that applies itself to all creation known to us on planet earth as life.

So what is the work and result of this self-involution? It is to actualize the mighty possibilities of this great multi force of triple divineness of the unknown energy of universal consciousness that creates a never-ending cycle of life within the unbounded knowledge that the universal mind brings. It is this knowledge that every human being has within them, one in which the soul carries within its conscious memories, so that the universal consciousness can experience all that it creates. Science dreams of finding the elixir of life to find knowledge that is above the human mind of the brain and of space/time or four dimensional reality, but it will be only through the higher developed mind of universal consciousness in its true creativeness that can show mankind its infinite knowledge which can be applied through the working of what we call five sense realities and beyond.

At present it is only the thought form of will and desire that makes mankind reach to achieve what he can do in the physical sense to use in the five senses as what is seen as pure material reality, with the image of the self/ego being the centre stage to achieve the evolution of the human race and of the growth of its planet. But even if we had the knowledge of the invisible worlds or realms of consciousness, there would be still be a limitation to how our perception of how our physical minds would interpret it as each concept of consciousness has a multitude of ways of projecting its unity of creation.

There is a central point in cosmic knowledge and only a fraction of this point can be assessed by the consciousness that is within the human being and that consciousness has to be trained by either meditation or rigid discipline to quiet the mind so as to be able to tap into the higher realms of universal consciousness. It is not an easy thing to do, but if we all became aware of our inner consciousness and raised its vibration, then we would be able to access the knowledge that is there to help guide us to a higher evolved state of mind and state of awareness.

It will be at this point that the two minds will come together and unite evolving the human species into a more spiritual being with a direct link from its own consciousness to that of the universal consciousness of its creator the Universal Mind via the Physical Mind creating the Two Minds.


Faith under control of the Gunas/Nature

There are three types of faith:
Tamasic faith which is because of dullness. Like when you do not want to take responsibility or action and you say, “Oh it doesn’t matter, anyway God will take care of all these things!” (laughter)
Rajasic faith which is brought on by intense compulsion of desires and ambition. The ambition keeps the faith alive.
Satvic faith is innocent and is born out of fullness of consciousness.
Faith and alertness, though apparently opposite in nature, are actually complementary to each other. In the absence of faith, there can be no growth, and there can be no correct understanding without alertness. Faith can make you complacent. Alertness makes you tense.
If there is no faith, there is fear. And when there is no alertness, one cannot perceive or express properly. A combination of both is essential.
In Gyana (state of wisdom) there is alertness without tension and faith without complacency. The purpose of education should be to remove the element of dullness from faith and the element of fear from alertness. This is a unique and rare combination. If you have faith and alertness at the same time, then you will become a true Gyani (the Wise One)!

Self Purification or Antah Karan Shuddhi

First, anna shuddhi, purification of grains. Good food, nutritious food, and the right amount of food is important.
Second, everyday a little bit of proper exercise is important. Even though you may have a car or a motor bike, sometime during the day, you should walk as well. Every day, at least for 20 minutes start walking, or doing some physical exercise.
Third, vaakya shuddhi, purification of speech. This is very important.
All of us must see that the words that we use do not hurt other people. If you have said something that hurts somebody, and if they are crying, then it is going to affect you somewhere.
Fourth, karma shuddhi. We must do seva. With service, our actions are purified.
Fifth, dhan shuddhi, i.e., purification of wealth. We should keep aside at least five per cent of whatever we earn, and use it for the society. Then the money that we earn will become purified. If we use whatever we earn for our self only, then that is not the best utilization of money. So, we must use a little portion of our earnings for the society.
Sixth, shareer shuddhi, i.e., purification of the body. Once in a week or a fortnight, take some Triphala, or some ayurvedic products to cleanse your body.
Seventh, bhaava shudhhi, i.e., purification of feelings. Do some satsang, listen to world philosophers for some time; it is necessary as it purifies the feelings.
Eighth, buddhi shuddhi is purification of the intellect. With knowledge the intellect is purified. A pure intellect comes when you look at life from a broader perspective. Who am I? What is this universe? Where am I going?


Life is fair, and it’s still good.
When in doubt, just take the next small step.
Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Change the way you think.
Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and family will. Stay in touch.
Pay off your credit cards every month.
You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.
Release your children when they become adults, it’s their life now.
Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.
When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.
Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.
It’s OK to let your children see you cry.
Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. Take a deep breath It calms the mind. Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special. Just because you believe you are right, doesn’t mean you are. Keep an open mind. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple. The most important sex organ is the brain. No one is in charge of your happiness but you. Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘In five years, will this matter?’ Always choose life. Forgive everyone everything. What other people think of you is none of your business. Time heals almost everything. Give time, time. However good or bad a situation is, it will change. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does. Believe in miracles. Your job is to love your children, not choose who they should love. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now. Growing old beats the alternative — dying young. Your children get only one childhood. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need. The best is yet to come… No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

Yield.. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

 —–By a 90 yr old Lady who Lived life










Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulaha, Kratu, Pulastya Vashishtha

Great Rishis (7)
Maha Rishis, or Deva Rishis

The principlal powers of consciousness & life from the creative cosmic energy (Aum) & of the spiritual eye in man. (Light)


Narada, Asita, Devala, Vyasa, Brigu,


Great Sages or Divine seers


Preceptor of the Astral Gods, liberated in spirit.


Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, Sanat Kumara



Primeval Four (4) Ushanas


Ancient, Joyful, Everlasting, youthful


Svayambhuva, Svarochisha, Auttami, Tamasa, Raivata, Chakshusha, Vaivasvata*, Savarni, Daksha, Brahma, Dharma, Rudra, Rauchya & Indra Savarni


Manu’s (14)


Creative manifestation & dissolution. Vivasvat* (7th) is the progenitor of the present race, Only 4 could create men.


Aryama, Dhata, Mitra, Rudra, Varuna, Surya, Bhaga, Vivaswan, Pusa, Savita, Tvasta & Vishnu

Adityas (12) according to linga Puranas

Bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless, perfect, upholding Dharma. Protectors of all beings, who guard the world of spirits and protect the world.


Ishwar, Hiranyagarbha, Virat, Pragya, Taijas, Vishwa


Angels (6)


Creative Intelligence / Forces Deities


Pavaka (agni)



Vasus (8)


Vitalizing & Intelligent Gods


Shankara, Kapali, Pingala, Bhima, Virupaksa, Vilohita Ajesha, Shasana, Shastu, Chandu, Dhruva

(11 radiant beings)

Shiva & the 10 Pranas (vital Airs)


Mooladhar, swadhisththan, manipura, anahat, vishuddha, agya, sahasrara


Chakras (7)


Sahadeva, nakul, Arjun, Bhim & Yudhishthir, 3rd eye / bindu, and the top of the cerebrum.


They are twins with head of a horse but the rest of the body of human beings;



Twin Ashvins (2)


Vedic gods symbolizing the shining of sunrise and sunset.


Marichi, Hanuman

Maruts (49 wind Gods)

They are described as armed with golden weapons i.e. lightning and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden chariots drawn by ruddy horses.


Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva


Vedas (4)

Vedas means knowledge. They are a large body of the oldest scriptures of Hinduism


Chitra ratha


Demi gods Gandharvas

Concentrated on the Maya or finite perception of the divine eye


Desire; The God of Love,



The first Awakening of Desire

Personified Creative Consciousness.



God of love, sex desire for creation.





Yakshas, Rakshasas


Dishonest, traitorous, greedy, selfish & possessive.







The coiled sleeping Serpent


Ananta, Shesha Nag


Naga serpents


Eternal, that which remains suspended betwixt creation cycles



Chief amongst Priests

Lord of evolution or expansion of creation through power of cosmic delusion


Skanda, Kartikeyan, son of Shiva


Among Generals


God of war represents self control that drives away the ego & senses


Om or Aum





The primordial vibration of Brahman


Silent Superconscious Chanting




Oblation, Praise, offerings accompanied by chanting of Vedic




Founder of the Sankhya school of Philosophy. Incarnation of Vishnu, an avatar come to earth to restore the spiritual balance through his teachings.


Ashvattha Fig / Pipal Tree/ Bodhi




Has its roots in heavens, and it is a tree of eternal life.




Mountain peaks


Top of the cerebrum, Sahasrara Chakra











The essence of the entire vedas in one Mantra


Vasudeva Krishna









Chief of Astral Gods, conqueror of the senses. Wisdom is his vehicle.




Upanishads (108)



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A preceptor is a teacher responsible to uphold a certain law or tradition, a precept.

Gyan or Knowledge

Qualities of a Gyani, Wise Person, Knowledgeable Person

  1. Free from Hatred, he is naturally accommodative, friendly.
  2. He has compassion, and makes all beings feel secure in his company. Same towards friends or enemies.
  3. He is free from Raaga Dvesha which are Likes & Dislikes, the pairs of opposite forces.
  4. He is happy in all situations, Contented, Sat Chit Ananda. He does not grieve as he does not desire.
  5. He has No Ego, nor egotistical attributes. (I ness) Given up doership.
  6. He has no ownership of anything as everything belongs to the Universe. (My ness, This belongs to Me) Free from attachment.
  7. Equanimous in Sukh and Dukh, Joy and Sorrow. Not swayed by the pair of opposites.
  8. He has Kshama, forbearance & forgiveness. He does not internalize any anger or discomfort. Is peaceful and calm. Insulated. Same in censure or praise.
  9. His Knowledge is Well Determined. He knows that Atman is Brahman.

10. He is not after Artha or Kama as Moksha is his goal.

11. He works only on the principles of Dharma & Adharam.

12. A Gyani does not disturb people nor does he get disturbed by them.

13. He is free from elation or exultation, hostility & intolerance, fear and pain.

14. He is not dependent on anything. He does not depend on his physical body, sense organs or sense object for his sense of well-being.

15. He is Clean both from outside and inside.

16. He understands situations quickly & objectively and knows what action has to be taken.

17. He is fair, does not take sides, impartial.

18. He has no afflictions, illnesses, sufferings or fears.

19. He never has to start anything as he is always in the midst of it.

20. Does not chatter incessantly. Comfortable in silence.

Knowledge of the senses is inferior to the knowledge of the intellect. But knowledge of something beyond the intellect; intuitive knowledge, knowledge from the pure consciousness is even superior to intellectual knowledge. Intellectual knowledge can be proved and disproved, but a discovery which is beyond the intellectual calculation is something very different.


What is Dharma??

Dharma is the sacred law, invested with divine authority, for dharma is based on the Vedas, sacred scriptures revealed by the Divine to highly qualified sages. Dharma is a cosmic principle that is difficult, if not impossible, to define. Our Dharma is our true place in the cosmic process: in time, in space, in awareness, in thought, deed and desire. The eternal principle of Dharma determines the harmonious functions of the cosmic machine. In order that we fulfill our role in the divine play we must behave within our Dharma. That is, we ought to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, and for the right reason. By this we attain balance. To establish balance within us ensures our own welfare and the welfare of society. And opens the path prepared for us by the divine.

In western societies it is Morality, ethics, virtue, righteousness and purity. Opposing forces are violence, materialism and egotistical attitudes.

The goal of dharma is universal welfare. Abiding in that dharma whose root is the three Vedas, The Vedas and Dharma go hand in hand.

Non-injury to all living beings is the highest dharma, and thus a Brahmin (supposedly the highest practitioner of dharma) should never injure any living being. Charity, austerity, truthfulness, as well as humility, beauty, forgiveness, and tolerance —

Swadharma is that action which is in accordance with your nature. It is acting in accordance with your skills and talents, your own nature (svabhava), and that which you are responsible for (karma) .
Any action that does not make you feel afraid or restless is Swadharma. That action which you feel compelled to do, without which you feel restless is swadharma. Now do not misunderstand this and say, ‘I feel restless if I do not drink alcohol’. No! Not at all.
Every time you feel restless, its not always because of Swadharma. But at the same time not following your swadharma always makes you feel restless.
That is why it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, ‘Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah’ (3.35).
When we do something without authenticity, just to show off to another person, that is when we feel fear because such action is not genuine, it does not come from the heart. But when we do something that is authentic and from the heart, then there is no fear.
When someone speaks lies, they definitely feel scared somewhere inside. But someone who speaks the truth does not feel scared at all. In fact speaking the truth and abiding by it brings so much strength to you, isn’t it? This is what Swadharma is. 
When we follow that which comes naturally to us in our life, then it brings abundance and prosperity to us. When we flow in accordance with our nature, we grow from within. Any action that uplifts us is our Swadharma.
Dharma is that which holds the mind, intellect, memory and our inner soul together in harmony. Growth comes when we follow our swadharma.

4 Types of Beings

There are four categories of  qualified beings according to the difference in their virtue.

Those who performed virtuous deeds in previous lives fall into four categories:

1) Artto are those distressed such as persecuted by disease and poverty. If they performed virtuous activities in past lives then they will have the opportunity to become better.  Artto are those impoverished and distressed after losing all wealth and power and desires have the strength to recover it  and re-instate it. Artto are those afflicted by problems such as disease or enemies. If one has enough accumulated merit then they will have the opportunity  to alleviate their distress.

2) Atharthi are the seekers of wealth who desire to have full facility for enjoyment in this life and their next. If they performed virtuous deeds in their past lives then they too will have the opportunity to gain prosperity. Atharthi are those who having never enjoyed power and fortune desire  the ability to acquire them. The seekers of wealth who desire to regain the ruler ship, position of power and enjoyments  which they had before and have now became deprived of.

3) Jigyasu or Mumukshus are those who desire self-realization to end the cycle of birth and death. If they performed virtuous actions in their past lives they will also have the opportunity to do so.  Jigyasus are the seekers of self-realization who are anxious to know the atman or soul in its state separate from matter for the benefit of escaping transmigration the cycle of birth and death and pray to the Self for the benediction to discover this. Liberation seekers who also had enough acquired merit from previous lives to qualify for worship of the Supreme Self.

The worship of these above three is tinged with selfish motivations but as soon as their wishes are fulfilled they achieve moksha or liberation from material existence and overcome the cycle of birth and death.

4) Jnani’s are those who have achieved atman tattva or realization of the soul and know the Self. If they have performed virtuous activities in their past lives then they will have the opportunity of advancing further. Jnani’s are the seekers of knowledge concerning the Self who realize that the Atman is essentially characterized by its being an eternal ingredient of the Supreme Spirit residing within all embodied beings. Such a one considers the Supreme Spirit as their goal of life and attainment of Him the fulfillment of all ambitions. Jnani’s or those of spiritual wisdom who have no selfish motives are endowed with discriminative intelligence from ascertaining the reality of the atman or soul and its relationship as an eternal portion of the Supreme Spirit . They also achieve moksha but they continue on to worship the Supreme Spirit joining Him in His eternal pastimes.

We do not know …

We do not know where we came from, we do not know why we are here, we do not know where we are going. Mystery behind and death ahead! Still we imagine that a deep investigation of life is not necessary??

The Vedas

The Word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root Vid, ‘to know’; Veda, therefore, means ‘Knowledge’. The ‘Knowledge’ of divinity lurking in man and the technique by which it can be brought out to full manifestation are the theme of the Veda textbooks and the Truth of this theme is eternal.

The aphorisms of the Vedic scriptures propound that actions in life are to be performed and what activities are to be performed and the results of violating or adhering to the Vedic injunctions determines the karma or reactions to actions that one will have to experience in joy or misery.