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Death- A 12 Day Journey

The soul has been addressed by various names and epithets in the Vedas. Samrat (the ruler of the body), Vaishva Deva, Teja, Vak, Agneye, Prajapati in chapter 39 of Yajur Veda. Each name or epithet indicates its attributes, like the controlling lord, the nourisher of human beings, the just ruler etc., It is also called Twashta – subtle soul. In Bhagavad-Gita apart from atma, jivatma, words like sah (self), dehindehasharirinshariri are used (B.G.3-42, 14-11 and 12, 2-18). All these later epithets generally mean lord of the body. Ramanajum – the Vedic metaphysicists and Vedantist of medieval period, refers to it as Sesa – servant of God who is Sesi (master).
A few other Vedantists refer to it as Kshetri – the soul that illumines the entire body. Atharva Veda and other scriptures also mention it as Shivansh (particle of God), dehinamPurusa – the dweller in the city of God i.e., the sublime causal body seated along with God. Most of the names indicate its attributes of knowledge, light, always at the service of God, master of subtle and gross body. It is for this reason Bhagavad-Gita refers to it as “higher self” and the other body self, which is described as lower self.
Vedas contain an interesting discussion and conversation between soul as atman and spirit as manasprana to indicate which is superior. At the end of discussion, all the divine and gross instruments in the body accept superiority of the soul.
Prasana Upanishad tells us that the “real self”- soul of the individual is the eternal seer. He is always working in the body and is multiform (R.V. 6-9-4). Being the eternal seer assumes many bodies according to actions performed by the gross body under the influence of three gunas. It is ear of the ear, mind of the mind, speech of the speech, breath of the breath; eye of the eye and still it is independent of the senses and mind. Thus the soul gets full knowledge of the activities, thoughts and desires of any part of the body at all times, including the spirit in the subtle body. This eternal seer is unmoved mover in the body, being still, it moves swifter than thought to caution the individual against ignoble and evil action, it outstrips all that run to guide you of the impending danger. Only men of stable mind, wisdom and truthful thoughts take benefit of this wise eternal seer. Isa Upanishad says without “Self” there is no life. It is the supreme essence in the man. It is smaller than the smallest and greater than the greatest, make it free from senses, you can see the glory of “Self” which is without sorrow. Katha Upanishad 1-2-20 to 22. It dwells in the heart along with the God (R.V.5-8-89). It is not touched by the evils of the world and transcends all. Soul is the eternal light that gives light to the entire body.
It traverses billions of miles when it goes to Sun, Moon, Indra, Varun, Yama etc., during the 12 days journey after the death of gross body for purification, knowledge, luster, noble and divine traits, which it lost during the stage of manifestation in the body. Thus, Jiva Atma (manifested soul) is different from Atma (soul) in attributes. Yajur Veda 39-6 describes about its journey of 12 days. However, whatever is active both in animate and inanimate life is spirit. Though spirit is subtle, it is more energetic and powerful than any gross matter……….

The Soul and The Spirit

The soul, in essence the reflection of Spirit, undergoes neither the pangs of birth nor the throes of death. Nor having once been projected from the womb of immortal Spirit will Prince Soul, on return to Spirit, lose its individuality; having entered the portals of nativity, its existence will never cease. In all its bodily births, the Spirit-soul never felt birth; it exists everlastingly, untouched by the Maya-magic fingers of change. It is ever the same—now, past, future—as it has always been; ageless, unchanged, since its immemorial beginnings. The deathless soul dwelling in the destructible body is ever constant through all cycles of bodily disintegrations; it does not taste death even when the body quaffs that fatal cup of hemlock.

The difference between soul and Spirit is this: The Spirit is ever existing, ever conscious, ever-new omnipresent Joy; the soul is the individualized reflection of ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Joy, confined within the body of each and every being.

Souls are the radiating rays of Spirit, individualized as formless, vibration less “atoms” and “tissues” of Spirit. Hence, they are coexistent with Spirit and of the same essence, as the sun and its rays are one. Though incarnate, the soul belongs to the numina region, which changes not. All material forms belong to the regions of phenomena; their very nature being alienated from Spirit, they change constantly. Phenomena arise from and are inseparably linked with numina; but the latter, being of Spirit, are immutable and transcendent. The outer surface of the soul’s consciousness that is cloaked with the instrumentalities of the ego, mind, and senses undergoes the permutations of Nature, but the soul’s essence remains inviolable. (…)

Numen, pl. numina, (an influence perceptible by mind but not by senses,) is a Latin term for a potential, guiding the course of events in a particular place or in the whole world, used in Roman philosophical and religious thought.

Spirit is who and what you really are. Pure eternal Spirit is your real Self, your essential nature, and the higher most part of your being. Spirit is impersonal, formless, and not an individualized thing. There is not a different spirit for each person. Spirit is ONE and shines over all, just as the one sun shines over everybody on this earth. My spirit is the same as your spirit. In fact, there is no such thing as “my spirit” or “your spirit” because Spirit knows no separateness. It is what Hinduism calls the Atman, the Self, and it is literally one and the same in essence and identity as the Supreme Spirit, the Supreme Self.

Just as a multitude of sparks are sent forth from a blazing fire, so countless “sparks” of the one Supreme Spirit were sent forth into this manifested universe an immeasurably long time ago and will eventually return to the One. Each Divine Spark is one and the same in essence and identity as the Divine Fire but it has to evolve through the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, and the animal kingdom until eventually – at the end of its journey through the animal kingdom – it gains and acquires for itself a SOUL.

The soul, unlike the spirit, is an individual thing. It is a permanent entity (after it has been unfolded out of the spirit) and is the self-conscious individuality or Ego, which incarnates and reincarnates in the human kingdom and beyond. It is the “I” of our being. It is the Consciousness Principle, the Mind Principle, in man. The soul is actually the same thing as the mind.

We should not make the mistake of thinking that the mind and the brain are the same thing because they are not. The brain is simply a physical organ and the mind is the individual soul, which thinks and expresses itself through, and with the aid of, that organ. We have a different brain in each lifetime because we have a different physical body each lifetime but the mind is the same each time. The mind/soul can never express itself in its fullness and entirety in one of its incarnations. It can only express itself partially and the extent to which it does so is determined by its Karma and level of evolution and development.

The soul reincarnates but the spirit does not. Souls are many but spirit is essentially ONE. No spiritual philosophy in history has ever claimed that it is the spirit, which reincarnates. Spirit never has any direct connection or contact with the physical form. One reason for this is that it is so subjective that it can have no direct or tangible relation with the objectivity of matter. The spirit is never within the human being but is always above him and “overshadowing” him, as his Real Self…as the ONE Self…as the Divine itself.

It is the task and mission of the soul to learn and realize that in its higher most being there is no individuality or separateness but just the ONE UNIVERSAL SELF, which we call Spirit or Atman. To re become this in consciousness, to consciously merge and permanently unite the soul with the Spirit, is to achieve and attain Yoga (Union) and this is the great goal of all. This has been the goal and achievement of all true mystics and esotericisms throughout the ages, both in the East as well as in the West, where this has sometimes been called the “mystical marriage.”

There is no excuse in this day and age for our confusing soul and spirit when the difference and distinction between the two has been so clearly and definitely explained and shown in the esoteric spiritual teachings of the world and more recently in the teachings of Theosophy, particularly the writings of H.P. Blavatsky. Once we cease to confound the two but comprehend more clearly the true nature of both, we can appreciate more deeply these beautiful and inspiring words from Sir Edwin Arnold’s poetic translation of the Bhagavad Gita, titled “The Song Celestial”…

Never the spirit was born; the spirit shall cease to be never;Never was time it was not; End and Beginning are dreams!Birth less and deathless and changeless remaineth the spirit forever;Death hath not touched it at all, dead though the house of it seems!

The Four Minds …Manas, Buddhi, Ahankar & Chitta-Mind, Intellect, Ego & Intuition

The affirmation of a divine life upon Earth in the immortal sense and in a moral existence can have no base unless we recognize the spirit and the soul, which inhabits the vehicle or bodily vessel, which is the robe of physical matter. First we must accept that our robe or garment is merely the outer shell, which over time will disintegrate, but the inner spirit’s light that is within our soul will never disintegrate as the light, which holds the soul is infinite. But it is not enough just to recognize the outer garment one that we can perceive with our eyes, it is vital to recognize the inner light as without it the outer garment would not exist, both must be recognized as two parts of one whole.

Matter is the configuration of the mind, which the spirit needs to transcend itself, so it may experience many of the realms and dimensions of its creator. The physical universe is part of the external body of the divine consciousness of the creators light, so therefore we must accept the two forms of consciousness, spirit and matter, the outer and the inner, it is like two halves of the brain one representing logic, of the left side and the other representing the creativity and intuition of the right side.

The person who is more a materialist has an easier road as it is possible for these people to deny the spirit within and arrive at a more simple explanation that everything is matter and when matter disintegrates there is nothing more. But with this form of rigidity it would be impossible for them to persist with it on a permanent basis because once the spirit leaves the mortal body of matter the only thing of recognition will be the self illusion of what they have denied and at this point they will see and understand how the spirit that is the main part of them and the soul which has carried all the memories of its life carries them on to the next stage of their journey into a higher sphere of consciousness.

So by refusing to accept the divine light within their bodies of matter when on earth, they will also have problems adjusting to their astral or subtle bodies when the soul leaves its mortal robe. It is the mind of the self/ego which creates this duality an illusion which incorporates the five senses of matter it is the all most important factor of their being, but unknown to these people the spirit carries the self and all it has created and it is within the immortality of the spirit that the soul shows its memories of what the self has created once it leaves its mortal body.

So therefore in these duality of contradictions the human mind cannot balance or have the satisfaction of inner peace in which to reach a reconciliation of both mind and spirit or matter and soul. This duality must traverse the degrees, which the inner consciousness imposes upon us. It must bring together both the self/ego and the soul/spirit and unify the two as one. Only on complete union can all the multiform of all energies of consciousness come into existence and become harmonized to the manifold of human existence. It is the conflicting forces of duality which govern out thoughts and our desires and puts us in the wilderness of our true reality and it is only these conflicting thoughts that we are able to find the central truths of our existence which are here to symbolize the paths that have been chosen for us and us to fulfill them

As human consciousness evolves, a new and comprehensive affirmation within the thought form of individual consciousness will become more prominent. This will unite both the inner and outer experiences to the fore of the individual being able to experience both. This will bring more self-fulfillment in an integral human existence so each individual may experience part of the map of its destiny that the soul carries within it. In time maybe the whole human race might evolve to experience both sides of the coin as one whole. But at present most people only see one side of the coin, they have forgotten to flip the coin over and see that there is a different picture on the other side.

For those who have developed their inner extra sensory powers of intuition, one may understand the unknowable behind all the manifestations which can extend itself to the knowledge of universal creation and the many realms and worlds which exist within such vast spaces of the meta-universe. There in the many universes are knowable realities well beyond the five senses of human perception, it is only through the development of the 6th sense and beyond that we can touch and understand about these higher realities and dimensions.

It is the outer shell the logic of the material reality of which humans exists in that these higher creations can’t be seen as the self/ego has put to many veils that hide the light so they constantly live within their own creation of reality and sometimes within their own darkness. All the various forms of materiality that our world on planet earth passes through from way back down the ages are constructed through the form of matter and the materialistic mind. But these come from a higher form of consciousness where the higher consciousness of the mind shifts itself and transcends itself to the lower mind that imposes itself on the individual. This can be in any form where action needs to take place such as ideas or any of the five senses which occur in what we perceive as reality.

In human life we all make errors due to duality of the human nature and its own consciousness, but by using the self’s desires we make far more errors than we should and create in ourselves only half truths which seems to make us stumble even more. This is due to the limitations of the self/ego by not letting go of old beliefs, old structures in our habits and it is through these habits and half truths that logic creates more illusions which in their turn creates more disguises. The self uses many disguises making the person think that it is the proper path to follow. The self/ego does not want to let go of the hold it has on the human thought form or its mind, or its desires, so it holds a promise that you are creating the right situations in your life but unknown to the person, only the soul/spirit has the right map which you should follow. The mind of the self tempts us like holding a carrot in front of a donkey leading the way no matter how many obstacles it leads to instead of allowing the inner mind to lead you around the obstacles and not over them.

To exist in duality of the physical and to understand the inner spirit we must use both the inner mind and the outer mind in which all things pass through. Universal consciousness is the borderline of truth and understanding and to reach that border we must let go of trusting the self and begin to surrender our wishes and desires and tune in to our inner mind and listen. The more we try to attain reality through our systems of values using the physical, material, the intellect and the religious dogma of our culture the further away we move from understanding the true forms of creation and its creator.

This is because the five senses cannot explain it, it cannot deem itself tangible and this escapes the grasp of the true thoughts of the inner consciousness within us, but by believing only in the values mentioned the human perception loses its grasp on a higher reality, this then becomes unattainable and what is thought unattainable is thought by most not worth having.

There is knowledge that can’t be found through intellect or logic, but only in the higher realms where creation begins, there is knowledge with many forms of creation, but even to have a glimpse of such knowledge one must by pass the lure of the materialist formula, because the material of matter or the formula of the materialist gain is only a by product of its original creation.

To those who want to gain insight of the higher knowledge or what is known as the unknowable must repress the ignorance of their perception and look beyond the five-sense reality and the limitations of material existence. All higher knowledge that is part of us to some degree is within the soul/spirit of our being. It carries the power of universal knowledge the higher intelligence of universal source. Knowledge by whatever path it is followed tends to become one but with many variations, science now confirms that in the domain of matter there is some form of intelligence that passes between the atoms and cells in our body relaying information to each other. But what scientists don’t realize is that the whole body in a network of information relaying information to each other, this energy matrix comes from the blueprint of the ethereal/subtle body.

All forms of creation within the cosmos comes from one huge gigantic consciousness split into various other consciousness in the various shapes and patterns of their energy formation, it is the vibrations and oscillations of the atoms that dance that make these patterns of energy consciousness and it is through these various forms of consciousness that carry their own thought form of intelligence which is linked to the whole structure of the universal mind that began creation in its entire universal form.

Science one day will find that all forms of consciousness will be evident and will be in all essential matter it is something that is existent to the senses and is only a conceptual form of etheric substances. It is only an arbitrary distinction in thought that divides form and substance from all forms of energy consciousness.

All matter expresses itself eventually, as it is a formation of some unknown force that is seen as life. This unfathomed mystery begins to reveal itself as an obscure energy of sensibility imprisoned into material formation and it is only when the dividing force of ethereal substances comes between the mind of rationality and the mind of the unknown consciousness that it gives the human sense of duality. It is the gulf between the universal mind, life and matter that creates a three way unified force and until this is realized only then, can this triple form of consciousness be united as one whole and not be seen in its three way separateness.

The energy that creates the world can be nothing else than pure collective universal consciousness that applies itself to all creation known to us on planet earth as life.

So what is the work and result of this self-involution? It is to actualize the mighty possibilities of this great multi force of triple divineness of the unknown energy of universal consciousness that creates a never-ending cycle of life within the unbounded knowledge that the universal mind brings. It is this knowledge that every human being has within them, one in which the soul carries within its conscious memories, so that the universal consciousness can experience all that it creates. Science dreams of finding the elixir of life to find knowledge that is above the human mind of the brain and of space/time or four dimensional reality, but it will be only through the higher developed mind of universal consciousness in its true creativeness that can show mankind its infinite knowledge which can be applied through the working of what we call five sense realities and beyond.

At present it is only the thought form of will and desire that makes mankind reach to achieve what he can do in the physical sense to use in the five senses as what is seen as pure material reality, with the image of the self/ego being the centre stage to achieve the evolution of the human race and of the growth of its planet. But even if we had the knowledge of the invisible worlds or realms of consciousness, there would be still be a limitation to how our perception of how our physical minds would interpret it as each concept of consciousness has a multitude of ways of projecting its unity of creation.

There is a central point in cosmic knowledge and only a fraction of this point can be assessed by the consciousness that is within the human being and that consciousness has to be trained by either meditation or rigid discipline to quiet the mind so as to be able to tap into the higher realms of universal consciousness. It is not an easy thing to do, but if we all became aware of our inner consciousness and raised its vibration, then we would be able to access the knowledge that is there to help guide us to a higher evolved state of mind and state of awareness.

It will be at this point that the two minds will come together and unite evolving the human species into a more spiritual being with a direct link from its own consciousness to that of the universal consciousness of its creator the Universal Mind via the Physical Mind creating the Two Minds.

The Vedas

The Word ‘Veda’ is derived from the root Vid, ‘to know’; Veda, therefore, means ‘Knowledge’. The ‘Knowledge’ of divinity lurking in man and the technique by which it can be brought out to full manifestation are the theme of the Veda textbooks and the Truth of this theme is eternal.

The aphorisms of the Vedic scriptures propound that actions in life are to be performed and what activities are to be performed and the results of violating or adhering to the Vedic injunctions determines the karma or reactions to actions that one will have to experience in joy or misery.