21st Century Bhagavad Gita

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Month: December, 2013

Duty or Right Action

 “Duty is that which must be done whether or not it is in agreement with my likes and dislikes. If the like and duty coincide, the action becomes spontaneous. If the like does not coincide with the duty, the action becomes deliberate—this is karma yoga with respect to action. If I do what I fancy, regardless of whether it is proper or not, it is an impulsive action. An impulsive person is in the hands of likes and dislikes and therefore full of conflicts. A deliberate person, who does what should be done, releases the mind from likes and dislikes in course of time. The sense of duty grows upon the person such tht the duties are performed as naturally as breathing and eating. The mind of such a person is fit instrument to appreciate the teaching of Vedanta”.


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