26 Divine Qualities

by anumahajan2013

There are 26 qualities, which we are either born with or need to cultivate.

1)         Fearlessness

2)         Purity of mind

3)         Steadiness in contemplation

4)         Charity

5)         Dama Limits Controls of the Senses

6)         Yajna Sacrifice

7)         Svadhyay Self reflection Contemplation

8)         Tapas Practicer of Austerities like fasting etc.

9)         Arjavam Simplicity

10)      Ahimsa Non Violence

11)      Satya Truth Honesty

12)      Akrodha Anger less

13)      Tyaga Giving up or Renunciation

14)      Shanthi Peace Calmness Tranquility

15)      Apaisuna Non criticism or not criticizing others, Absence of Calumny

16)      Daya Mercy Forgiveness

17)      Aloluptva Non greedy

18)      Mardav Softness gentleness mildness leniency

19)      Hri Modesty

20)      Achapala Focused

21)      Tejas Brightness Light

22)      Kshema Engaged in welfare of others

23)      Dhrti Will power Steadfastness

24)      Saucha Cleanliness

25)      Adroha Faithfulness

26)      Natimanita Not looking for Accolades Praise.