The 3 Types of Karma (Actions)

by anumahajan2013

Sanchit Karma is due to our past actions what you go through in the present are the effects of that past. Either in previous births or in this birth.

Prarabhdh Karma is what we are experiencing currently due to our past and the effects or experiences you are creating at present. We are living that experience.

Agami Karma is the future seeds that we are sowing. Will germinate either in this life or the next. But you have yet to experience them. It is your stored future.

So, whether a person performs actions or karma by observing dharma/ righteousness, or not, the final effect leads to stored Karma (Sanchita) which literally means accumulation of good or bad actions. The final result of this Sanchita is Prarabdha (current destiny) which is the cause of present birth in a particular family of the gross body and its character, as the stored karma in their subtle form get accumulated on the manifested soul in the previous birth. As the stock of good karma would vary from individuals to individuals and Sanchita is exhausted, individuals come back sooner or later in this phenomenal world.

One’s actions are the “acted upon karma”. These lead to the divine law “what you are sowing now, you shall reap in future”. This acted upon karma leads to Agami karma, which literally means ahead or in future. So Agami karma becomes the base for your action in this birth as well as next birth. The birth in different kinds of families is not due to any accident or destiny and is due to law of Karma -as you sow, so shall you reap. No one can escape this stern law.

These laws relating to karma- sanchita, done karma, agami karma, prarabdha are “Adrsta”-Unseen where the stock taking of good or bad actions, merit and demerits apply. This is an intrinsic part of Vedic spiritual science.