The Kalpas or Yugas

by anumahajan2013


It is roughly calculated that a whole cycle of the four yugas, namely Sat, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali-yuga together, total about 12,000 celestial years in length.

“The learned say that these 12,000 celestial years form what is called a cycle. A thousand such cycles form a single day of Brahma. The same is the duration of Brahma’s night. With the beginning of Brahma’s day the universal entities come into being. During the period of universal dissolution the Creator [Brahma] sleeps in Yoga-meditation. When the period of sleep expires, He awakes. What is Brahma’s day covers a thousand such cycles. His night also covers a thousand similar cycles. On the expiry of His night, Brahma, waking up, modifies the indestructible intelligence by causing it to be overlaid with ignorance. He then causes Consciousness to spring up, whence it originates Mind which is at one with the Manifest.”

Satya-yuga is 1,440,000 human years in length, Treta-yuga is 1,080,000 years, Dvapara-yuga is 720,000 years, and Kali-yuga is 360,000 years in length. The Linga Purana (4.24-35) also agrees with this except for Treta-yuga, which it says is 1,800,000 years in length.

“Twelve thousand years of the demigods is the duration of the four yugas on earth. The duration of Satya-yuga is four thousand celestial years, Treta-yuga is three thousand celestial years, Dvapara-yuga is two thousand celestial years, and Kali-yuga is one thousand celestial years. The transitional periods of the four yugas are four hundred, three hundred, two hundred, and one hundred celestial years respectively. In this way, the total comes to twelve thousand celestial years. The duration of the reign of each Manu is seventy-one cycles of the four yugas. Fourteen Manus reign during one day of Brahma. This is also the duration of Brahma’s night [which is as long as his day].”

Chronological Chart of Brahma the Creators divine100 years.

Divine100 years = 41,500 days & 41,500 nights (83,000 cycles)

Each Divine year = 360 solar years (sun)

So Brahma’s life is 36,000 solar years (sun)

Each Day = 12,000 years Ascending Arc (days of Creation)

Each Night = 12,000 years Descending Arc (nights of Dissolution)

4800 years Spiritual Age or Sat yug ( Golden Age) Spiritual Age

3600 years  Mental Age or Treta yug (Silver Age) Psychical Age

2400 years Atomic or Dwapar yug (Bronze Age) Electrical Age

1200 years Material Age or Kali Yug (Iron Age) Physical Age (total delusion)

at Night all living creatures perish and a new age dawns of another 12,000 years.

This cycle continues 83,000 times.

83,000 (cycles) x 24,000 years = 1.99 billion years

Each Day and Night of Brahma= 8.64 Billion years

Life span of the Universe is supposed to be 300 trillion years.